Yes4All 20 lbs Premium heavy weight Urethane Dumbbell, Single

Yes4All 20 lbs Premium heavy weight Urethane Dumbbell, Single

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Yes4All Urethane Dumbbells are sold individually and available in 5LB increments up to 50LB. As an alternative to traditional rubberized bells . this design features solid steel heads with a durable . shock-absorbent urethane plating . fully over-molded to the center. The heads are welded to a 6" straight hardened chrome handle to create a solid . single-piece dumbbell that moves fluidly and compactly and won't damage your flooring on a drop. Each precision-machined handle on Yes4All's Urethane Dumbbells is the same 6" in length and includes a medium-grade knurling for a firm but comfortable grip. The handle diameter is 31MM for dumbbells up to 45LB and 34MM for dumbbells 50LB. Each is finished in a distinct black matte with bright . clear increment markings and the logo in grey print. The combination of the urethane plating and textured finish makes these dumbbells uniquely low-maintenance . looking like new even after long periods of use.


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